Cube and his sone Sharif


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my mom’s like why are you awake at 3am and im like why are you so obsessed with me

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when you try your best


but you don’t succeed

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 The irony is that I used to despise Robby but Robby Rotten is exactly what I am now

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I just wanna say a quick message to all you people hurting out there, and a message to people putting their lives on hold and waiting for something that isn’t guaranteed. Because I’m telling you straight if you’re waiting for a boy or a girl to magically plant themselves back in your lives because some bullshit fucked your relationship up, well stop. Because we are all humans and all deserve to be happy so do not ever spend months hurting over somebody who fucked you about. It is not worth it. Do not fucking put your life on hold because you’re waiting for eventually because eventually never happens. So live your life everyday in happiness, don’t waste your tears over stupid pricks who couldn’t appreciate your wonderful little characteristics. Do not cry over a current bad situation because it will be sorted out whether you get the outcome you want or not. Getting over someone is hard and we all know that, but it’s got to be done. Because sometimes you need to give up on people, not because you don’t care, but because they don’t. And if life can remove somebody you never dreamt of losing than it can replace it with someone you never dreamt of having. And don’t trust words that people tell you, trust their actions. You may think life is being unfair an nasty but the world and life do not owe you nothing, it don’t owe you happiness, love, fortune, money, so stop complaining at the world. And when you have a kind heart you trust too much, give too much, love too much , help to much, and you kno what you will always be the one to get fucked over because they see you as a weak target. Do not let somebody disrespect you that much so you start disrespecting yourself. Because you can forgive somebody with out letting them back into your life. Do not waste your time on a clown, because you will be treated like a joke. You may miss them but you’ve gotta cut them off for your own good at the end of the day. Do not chase people. Somebody who really belongs in your life will come and stay. And if somebody really wants to be part of your life then they will find a way, no excuses. If you don’t get the closure you want just move on anyway.and remember not everyone you lose is a loss. So don’t fucking get yourself repeatedly hurt by someone who doesn’t give a fuck. And don’t fucking rely on people cos not everyone on your team is rooting for you. You’re gona cry, you’re gonna hurt, and you’re gonna face things you don’t wanna do, but in the long run it’s for the best. So don’t waste your time, smile and hold your head high because you deserve happiness an you deserve to be loved. So stop giving a fuck about some Pratt who don’t love you and focus on your future because there are opportunities ahead.

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